Are you the one we are looking for?

This is no ordinary "job-listing" - if you found this page it was meant to be!

With what is going on in the world we see a big increase of people understanding that they need to take care of themselves. That realizes that you need to take care of your body to stay healthy.

This mean that we need more people helping us distributing our nutritional supplements. People that want to work independently but be a part of a team, that are dedicated to help other people. 

  • Do you want to choose your working hours?
  • Do you want to choose your co-workers?
  • Do you want to choose your customers?
  • Do you want to decide your own income?
  • Do you want to be able to take time of right away if your mother or kid need you?
  • Do you want to work from wherever you are? Your cabin, a resort, the beach? 
  • Do you want a tested business concept, partnering with a stable company that are 27 years old and growing like crazy?
  • Do you want two coaches and an entire team behind you that want you to succeed?

We can offer all of this. Right now we are looking for three women that really want to change their lives and want to build something for their future. Are you one of them? Just know that this isn't an employment. We are looking for entrepreneurs who already has their own business or want to start one. (There is a small fee for getting started, it's different for different countries but usually around 110 €) 

Who are you?

You are a strong woman who loves to sell and has a passion for helping people. You like to talk to new people and you easily make new contacts. No particular education is necessary, we'll teach you what you need. Who you are is the important thing. You understand that you need to work to get what you want and you are motivated and you take action. If you decide to do something - you do it! You take initiative and are comfortable with becoming your own boss. You have at least ten hours a week to put in to this. The more time you spare the more you'll make.


  • Provision based income - if you do the work there is no limit to how much you can earn.
  • Pays ones a month with the possibility to get instant payments for some of the income.


Send us an e-mail: where you tell us why you would be the right fit for our team and we'll take it from there. We look forward to hear from you.

Who we are

We are two Swedish women who has had our own businesses for years. We are Johanna Folmerz & Karin Wälivaara and the founders of och (Both pages are mainly in Swedish at this time) Johanna have worked with and used our supplements for more than 9 years and Karin for more than 6 so we know them by heart.

If you have questions just send us an e-mail.